Our Mission
Our Mission

What is Healthy Communities?

Healthy Communities is about enhancing the “quality of life” for community members in the rural geographic communities of Southern Inyo County through collaboration and partnerships with individuals, community leaders, businesses, schools,  local community and civic groups, and public agencies. We offer recreational, social, cultural, and educational activities and programs to promote cultural awareness, appreciation of our local history, geology and environment, and healthy lifestyles.

What’s Different about Healthy Communities?

Traditionally citizens have been viewed as “consumers” of services. We see the citizen as a partner and participant in the decision-making. We seek to create a resource bank of individuals and groups that are interested in partnering and in participating together to make our communities stronger, safer and healthier.

Who can participate?


All members of the community, from the very young to the elderly, including visitors to our area, are welcome to participate in our programs and activities.
Healthy Communities addresses quality of life issues such as community access to recreational activities and programs, cultural and historical appreciation, protection of and providing opportunities for our youth, providing healthy lifestyle education and activities, as well as support for special populations.

Our Helping Hands Program

Do you have a program, project or activity for which you need help or do you need to fulfill community service requirements?
Whether to meet court ordered community service hours or as a requirement for school or other reasons, give us a call. We likely have an activity, program, or project that will help fulfill those requirements.
Healthy Communities also partners with many other non-profit organizations in the community which offer many different types of programs and activities.
We also partner with the school districts, the Inyo County Courts, the Inyo County Probation Department, and the Inyo County Office of Education